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How to flash a bios?


PackardBell Asus M2N NVM motherboard with award bios M2N_NVM         Ver.0301  to  ver.0501

Asus motherboard M2N-NVM/S

PackardBell Asus M2N NVM motherboard
















I got a slow old PC from a friend. a PackardBell  with slow sempron 3000+ AMD processor and only 512mb ram ind it.  I discovered  that the motherboard (Asus_M2N_NVM/s)  had the same socket(am2) as the newer AMD duo cores(am2+).

I  tried to put a athlon x2 5000+ in the socket, but  the motherboard just give me some error beep codes. i Searched the net,  found out that people had a lot of problems with flashing this exact motherboard, because it was made for packard bell. Asusdo not make bios updates for this motherboard and i dont know who has made the 0501.

well somebody did!

The board is now running flawlessly with athlon x2 5000+, 3 gb ram, dual channel,  internal bus speed:1000mhz, each ram channel 667 mhz.

PackardBell Asus M2N NVM bios, screenshot








basically a totally other preformance now. here is what i did.

    • Flashing the bios


  • First  download bios update 0501(bin-file)  save it somewhere on your PC.(i found the file here ), but unfortunately i got the  spy-ware “babylon search” installed at the same time, so don’t.  send me a massage and i will E-mail the bios update 0501.bin  to you.
  • Download winflash>boot to windows>install winflash>load the bios fil 0501 in winflash>
  • Check the boxes “update all” and “clear cmos” view how
  • reboot. thats it!
  • now your PackardBell Asus M2N NVM  is ready for any AMDprocessor with socket am2+